International Exchange of railway workers in Paris

In September 2008, workers of the urban railway (S-Bahn) in Berlin/Germany met railway trade unionists of the French SUD-Rail in Paris. During a whole week they exchanged experiences and visited workshops, railway control centres, and train stations. They were given an inside view of the railway system from below, compared practices, organised joint meetings and discussions. Additionally, they developed ideas and plans for an intensified European cooperation. The aim is to expand the existing network of European railway trade union activists.

Groups like the Swiss train collective from Bellinzona, Berlin's urban railway employees from "Transparency for the Grassroots" (Transparenz fr die Basis, TfB), and the Belgian railway trade unions, want to join with the railway trade unions from Spain, Italy, England, France, and Sweden, who have been active in this network for several years. The next network meeting is scheduled for October 9, 2008, in Paris, including a joint European action against privatisation in Europe. TIE Global forms part of this project. The European railway activists' network also supports railway trade unions and civil groups in West Africa in their struggle against privatisation of their railway systems. In January 2009, a joint African-European train conference will be held at This/ Senegal.

September 2008, Paris, Gare de Lyon