Viva Vida

Vida Viva is about the triangle of work, life and health. Each day millions of workers are forced to risk their health by going to work. We might tend to think of the grave conditions of miners or construction workers, for instance, but it turns out that one of the major reasons for workers becoming ill is stress. Globally, more and more workers are being forced to work longer hours, and to cope with a high level of pressure and intense and precarious working conditions.


Education & exchange in Germany

Besides its work with TIE Global, TIE Bildungswerk is also active in Germany. If you are interested in information on our seminars and other activities, feel free to contact us.


Workplace strategies

Neoliberal policies, changes in mass production, globalisation of work, as well as a variety of social, political, and economic mechanisms used to divide, exploit, and exclude workers demand continuous evaluation and development of strategies linking local, regional, and international unions and workers in non-union facilities of each sector. It is critical that workers, both employed and unemployed, documented and non-documented, develop strategies to defend their proper interests and respond effectively to new challenges.