Working conditions are becoming worse while trade union power keeps deteriorating. The need to do something about this, was the starting point of VidaViva Brazil in 2001. Since then, the network has grown to include large numbers of labour activists in Brazil, Mozambique, Colombia, South Africa, Nigeria, Turkey, and Germany.

VidaViva is about the triangle of work, life and health. Each day millions of workers are forced to risk their health by going to work. We might tend to think of the grave conditions of miners or construction workers, for instance, but it turns out that one of the major reasons for workers becoming ill is stress. Globally, more and more workers are being forced to work longer hours, and to cope with a high level of pressure and intense and precarious working conditions.

VidaViva deals with these issues, supporting workers to develop strategies to regain control of their own lives - inside and outside of the workplace - and to strengthen rank-and-file participation within unions.

What can you do?

If you are interested in Vida Viva and want to work around these issues in your own trade union, you can contact us at:


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