What is the DaimlerChrysler Coordination?

The ‘DaimlerChrysler Coordination’, now Daimler Coordination, is an open network of union activists, which supports a regular exchange of information in the DaimlerChrysler plants in Germany. We conceive ourselves as rank-and-file-oriented. Our aim is to look beyond our own work situation by adopting an internationalist perspective. We want to ban narrow thinking in terms of competitiveness, and we want to strengthen solidarity in Germany and beyond.

Since beginning of the eighties, progressive shop stewards of the IG Metall, representatives of plant groups and works councils as well as other interested colleagues of DaimlerChrysler Germany form the Mercedes and later the DaimlerChrysler Coordination. We hold regular meetings where colleagues from different plants in Germany exchange information, critically examine management strategies and develop own positions. A regular contact between the workers of the different German plants is indispensable, as we want to provide information exchange and create the development of common strategies to fight back. Most participants of the DaimlerChrysler Coordination are engaged in different union committees and regularly issue newsletters or leaflets in the plant.

You can get in touch with the Daimler Coordination via dcexchange@gmx.de

Against competitiveness and in support of internationalism

The DaimlerChrysler Coordination is taking a stance against concession and competitiveness, because these do not guarantee job security, but only increase pressure on the workers. Our latest discussions aimed at developing critical positions covering issues as new (flexible) wage systems, the introduction of standardised teamwork and the Mercedes Production System (MPS). The latter, especially, is a further step towards lean production and towards the international standardisation of production processes which make it easier for the company to transfer production to ‘less expensive’ locations.

The DC group’s strategies have an international focus. The DaimlerChrysler Coordination strives for a real workers’ internationalism. This includes the need to establish an international cooperation of European, North and South American activists. In the eighties, the Mercedes Coordination started building stable personal relations with DaimlerChrysler union activists abroad, organising visits, exchange programs and internationally enabled seminars. Regular contacts with the Netherlands, Spain, Turkey, Brazil and the USA came to existence and are still deepening. Worldwide solidarity actions have taken place across national borders. Since the mid-nineties, the DaimlerChrysler Coordination, supported by the international union activists’ network TIE, is trying to coordinate the national and international contacts and develop strategies for action. TIE’s support consists mainly of research input as well as providing its experience with international union work.

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What is the DaimlerChrysler Coordination?

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