ExChains! – Solidarity Along the Subcontracting Chain:
Retail Workers Unite!”

Garments sold in shops like H&M, Metro, Neckermann, Karstadt Quelle or Otto make a long journey before they end up on display. Workers may have produced cotton fibres in Kenya; other workers may have spun, woven and sewn the garments in factories in Sri Lanka, China or Bangladesh; until they come to be sold by retail workers in Europe. The ExChains Network organises these workers in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Turkey and Germany with the objective of mutually supporting each other along the subcontracting chain of the textile, garment and retail sector. Trough meeting each other and discovering each other’s working situations, organising efforts and demands we establish concrete solidarity links…
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ExChains Network Joint Campaign for Workers' Rights

ExChains is a workers' network aiming to unite workers along the supply chain from Asian textile and garment production to European retail. A new campaign centers around four major demands, jointly developed with the partners from the global South, and designed to help enable union organising.

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Gemeinsame Kampagne des ExChains-Netzwerks für Beschäftigtenrechte

ExChains ist ein Beschäftigten-Netzwerk entlang der globalen Wertschöpfungskette von der Bekleidungsproduktion Asiens bis zum europäischen Einzelhandel. Eine neue Kampagne erhebt vier Forderungen, die gemeinsam mit den Partnerinnen aus dem globalen Süden erarbeitet wurden und langfristig helfen sollen, gewerkschaftliche Organisierung zu ermöglichen.

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Globalisation: cheap labour, cheap products
...and women workers

Mexico and the maquiladoras

...and unions

Sri Lanka and the Free Trade Zones

...and workers

Bangladesh and the Free Trade Zones
...and unions

Turkey and the garment industry