Chemical network

In the seventies a network between workers from the chemical industry emerged in Germany. The workers united based on their common critique of the concession-based policy of the established unions in the chemical industry, a common understanding of what a democratic trade union movement should look like and a shared criticism of the labour market politics of the government.

Over the years the network has worked on several issues, some directly linked to the chemical industry and some further removed, but always based on the idea that a trade union movement should be build bottom-up and have strong links to other movements in the society.

The Chemical network is independent of tie, but as we have always supported their work and efforts we like to mention them here as well.

European cooperation at Sanofi

Since 2005 German and French labour activists of the multinational Sanofi began working together. Workers organised by SUD Chimie in France and labour activists of the chemical sector at Sanofi in Frankfurt joint their efforts in their opposition to the merger of Hoechst and Sanofi.

Since then they have organised joint visits at Sanofi in Rouen and Frankfurt, united on positions within the European Works Council, on the drug policy of the company, the bird flue… and exchanged information on company policies, workload and counter strategies. They also distributed several common leaflets to the employees in both countries.

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Chemical network